How it works?

About the meals

What are you getting exactly?

All menus that we serve are based on a fast metabolic diet that guides you in eating healthy and balanced portions of protein and vegetables. By eliminating processed foods that are a varied combination of protein, carbohydrates fats ,we can effectively eliminate 'empty' calories that your body does not need. This is key in allowing us to we can carefully plan every meal or snack and is likely to reduce your caloric intake and slim down without feeling hungry or tired.

We deliver six days worth of meals per week for the duration you have selected. Delivery comes to you on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 2-5PM with each delivery containing two days worth of food. We use super foods that are low in sugars and high in antioxidants. These intervals are meant to keep food as fresh for you as possible in a sustainable way.

One day every week, you are in charge of what you eat. We want you to enjoy your Dietable experience without having to sacrifice the possibility of lunch appointments or dinner dates. Otherwise, use the opportunity to try and make your own healthy meals! We will give you plenty of inspiration. 

You can make plans anytime of the week without having to waste a meal from us. This also does not heavily affect the diet as a whole. We however hope you keep your bodily goals in mind, as eating loads of sugars makes you incredibly hungry the next day. So be strong!


Choosing your meal plan

You can choose the type of diet you would like. We currently offer a choice of the traditional diet that includes all foods, the vegan diet, as well as the gluten free diet with more options soon to come! You can further personalize your meal plans with portion size, allergies, and decide when the meals come to you. Simply click on order now and experience for yourself what is Dietable!



We deliver three times a week - on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The delivery will arrive on each of these days between 2 to 5PM. All deliveries will be straight to your doorstep or workplace for a hassle free experience. If you're not there for pickup, the package will patiently wait at your doorstep in a sealed cooling bag until you arrive. Please refrigerate immediately after pickup and enjoy as you please!


Enjoying your meals

Meals are designed by our certified nutritionist to leave you feeling delighted, fit, and energized. This is as all diets are 'clean' with zero artificial flavorings or additives. We have a focus on using fresh, seasonal ingredients that are high in nutrition and antioxidants while being low in calories. We aim to give you higher levels of productivity without feeling tired or sleepy after meals. We do not compromise on taste and you can expect great tasting meals every single time. The perfect balance between comfort and adventure. You can check what the upcoming meals are on the 'our menus' tab in the home page. Experience what Dietable can do for you. At Dietable we are commited to make every meal a great experience and every diet successful.