Our Menus

Dietable menu
€28 per day
The Chefs best pick of fresh seasonal meat, fish, greens and carbohydrates that are deliciously combined for you everyday. Ever changing, seasonal and international recipes focusing on gourmand meals, free of GMOs, trans fat, added sugars, and additives.
Vegan menu
€28 per day
An ever changing Vegan menu for those who favour 100% plant based meals. A lifestyle more than a diet, this menu reduces inflammatory ailments and increase antioxidants by using quinoa, amaranth, lentils, MSG-free soy and various beans. This combined with the right amount of seasonal greens makes it vegan and absolutely delicious.
Gluten free menu
€28 per day
Specially created for those who fancy the safety of higher quality grains but want to avoid excessive corn, fat and sugar that normally comes with gluten-free products. At Dietable, this menu is also free from artificial sweeteners, MSG and xanthan gum. This means our desserts are mainly paleo and keto recipes but lower in calories to win the hearts of even the pickiest sweet tooth.